"you gay nerd loser haha pwned"
                               -Bieber Ninja

What Media is he/she on?

Google Plus and YouTube




that is pretty much it...

Details, Facts, and Information

An obnoxious user who uses the gimmick of loving Justin Bieber. He/she has an obsessive hatred against Mariofan16 and SmashFan54321, but the two also hate him/her as well. He/she abused multiple accounts on the GameFAQs Super Smash Bros. Board Wiki, had big fights with SmashFan there.

She is also back on GameFAQs as of about 05, August 2015. WHY!?!?!? She doesn't do any gaming... She is a troll.

She also has multiple Google Accounts and has uploaded 2 YouTube videos that almost everyone hated.

Also, why does he call everyone "gay nerd losers" like says the one who has a lame Justin Bieber photo as his profile picture. So if he calls you a "gay nerd loser pwned" remember, he is one himself too.

As of February 2016, BieberNinja is a Level 31 and a veteran which the 4OU is SOOOOOOOO MAD ABOUT!!!!!!! He/she is a non gamer and does not deserve to be that high on the boards. If he/she becomes a Level 32 and a legend which is the same as Mariofan16 and SmashFan54321, then they will do something HUGE to him. They also have plans on finishing off BN once and for all. It's still a ways from now, but the attack is planned and scheduled to be in 2017.

Something new in Google Plus is going on recently, someone attempted to hack into BPG Sanic. The Devise name was: Linux

For Privacy Purposes, the IP Address and Location will be kept Secret and only Members of the 4OU will be able to know it. Could this be Bieber Ninja trying to hack into SmashFan54321's account? Or is it someone else? It is more likely BieberNinja because only he/she would want to do that kind of stuff. 4OU Members are now on a lookout for
this Cyber Terrorist and will block him immediately if he comes back.

The Major Attack on 4OU Wiki, August 2016

Recently, BieberNinja (Username this time was: BelieberNinja) has done the greatest damage the 4OU has imagined, that's the worst incident that has happened on 4OU Wikia. Even worse, he has made an Alt. named Romero Santos who is pretending to be Romeo Santos. They have vandalized most pages and the Message Walls. Of course, from now on, all page on this Wikia will be protected and locked so only 4OU Content Moderators (CMod for short abbreviation) and 4OU Staff/4OU Agents can edit them. Any pages created from Regular Accounts will be reviewed first before accepted and if not accepted it will be deleted. Now, the 4 of Us Network is enraged and are on a super lockdown lookout and are planning to strike back; we just can't forgive him or let him get away with this.

The Most Recent BieberNinja

BieberNinja (as of 9, December 2016) has not been active on GameFAQs, or Wikia recently. It is a 4OU Theory that his parents caught him/her, if she even is a kid.