The BEST GameFAQs user ever! He is awesome, gamer, cool, etc. He and SmashFan54321 has pwned BieberNinja over 9999999999 times. He has a lot of games, from Mario to Smash Bros., Wii Sports to Wii Party, and a little bit of Zelda. His favourite game is Super Mario 3D World, Smash Fan's favourite shares with Luigifan, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Facts About Mariofan16

-Most people get it wrong, especially on Gfaqs, but for the FINAL TIME, Mariofan16 and SmashFan54321 are NOT Alts., they just have SOOOOO many things in common.

-SmashFan54321 and Mariofan16 love to play Super Smash Bros. together, chat on MV, etc.

-Due to the false reporters, SmashFan54321 and Mariofan16 will NOT reveal their NNIDs.