SCM154 banned

More like SuperUncool154. He is a banned GameFAQs user that had like -2 Karma. He was banned during his time as a 20: Rookie User. He loves to harass SmashFan54321 and Mariofan16. He is assumed to be BieberNinja's Alt. by The 4 of us Network.

Why he got banned from GameFAQs

SuperCoolman154 is a Mario Kart fan, his favourites were Super Mario Kart for the SNES and Mario Kart Super Circuit for the GBA. Although those two were his favourites, he spent time in the Mario Kart 8 Boards. There, he met the two Super cool and awesome users: SmashFan54321 and Mariofan16. He started sudden fights, and he called people names like "d**chebag" or "b*tch". At one point, he threw death threats or wishing death on SmashFan54321 which made him REALLY upset ,he created a "SuperBigotman154" page on the GameFAQs Super Smash Bros. Board Wikia.

The Fights against SmashFan54321 on Gfaq SSB

Eventually, SuperCoolman154 came to this wiki and started flaming SmashFan54321 again. This time, it didn't work out well. SmashFan54321 fought back with MUCH more offensive names that we all knew, the GameFAQs Moderators would NOT tolerate such thing, right? SuperCoolman154 told SmashFan54321 to kill himself, it did not work out well. This made SmashFan54321 even more upset, SuperCoolman154 has provoked him to say even more bad phrases and profanity. On Monday, September the 7th, 2015 Midnight, he came back to the Wiki. SmashFan54321 was already Version 11.5, which means he has the ability to use BieberNinja's phrases, knows a lot more comebacks, etc. SuperCoolman154 (SuperUncool154) is an Anonymous User on the Wiki and IS IP Banned from this Wiki.