Welcome to the Official 4 of us Network Wikia!

Welcome, we are the 4 of us Network and this is our wiki. On this wiki, you can:

-View 2 of the 4 Staff of the 4 of us Network. -Explore. View pages, see what we like, or see what we hate! -Features Live! Chat -Many more!

Before you start posting on walls and contributing, please take a look at the rules down below first.

Who we are and what we do

We are The 4 of Us Network. We are the Elite Cyberbully handler and we are also Professional (not a job but we mean great skilled) Gamers. We take down bullies. We take down opponents.

We, the 4 of us Network, love playing Video Games. Our favourite games come from Nintendo. They are the ones whom saved the Gaming Industry. We, The 4 of Us Network, love playing Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Zelda, and MANY other Nintendo franchises, they are awesome in our opinions.

The 4 of Us Network Staffs share many common things with each other. They all love Nintendo, Gaming, etc.

More than a Wiki

Currently, this Wikia is Read-Only for most parts of it. Why? Because of Vandalism. Although Bieber Ninja is the only vandal on this Wiki, we don't plan on unlocking any pages at the moment. This Wikia will also be used as a Battlefield, it is the 4OU's Main "Base". Want to find out what we are into? Want to find out more about us? Then you have came to the right place.


Every wiki needs some rules, so please take a look. Offensive behaviour is not tolerated. Numerous violations/Severe violation may lead to a suspension or a ban. Although SuperMariofan16 is immune to bans, meaning he'll never get blocked.

1. Vandalism is not tolerated. It will be a 2 week ban.

2. Please do not post porn! Pornography is one major violation and the minimum penalty for this violation is a 1 year ban.

3. Feel free to use profanity all you want but do not get carried away, racial slurs are strictly forbidden.Use of any Racial Slur will get you banned for 3 Weeks.

4. Live Chat may not be monitored at times but if you are caught red handed with inappropriate behaviour, you will be banned from chat for 2 weeks and may even be blocked from this wikia depending on the severity.

5. Do not post links that involve: porn, privacy, etc. Doing so will be a 1 month ban. (Depending on the severity)

6. Trolling is another thing taken seriously. If you get/got trolled, please contact a Administrator or Founder. We will review the contribution and determine whether the user should be blocked or not.

7. BieberNinja or a imposter may come any time. If you see him, please report the user to a 4OU Agent or Administrators. We will then terminate him onsight.

8. This isn't your Nice wiki. If you are banned and caught using a alt. with a different IP, your ban may be extended.

9. If you wish to add info. on a page, add to it, don't replace it. Doing so will be a 24 Hour Ban.

10. Do not post other user's Nintendo Network ID!!! Because people may take that and false report you. If you added it, it will lead to a ban from this Wikia for 3 months.

11. Please use proper grammar when editing a page or adding a page.

How do you become a moderator?

First of all, you need to be on the wiki in good standing for at least 3 months. This means you contribute a lot to the Wiki and Second, you need to be a TRUSTED user. The same applies to Chat Moderators. Sorry, but Admin Status are for 4OU Agents only.